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Informatica environment variables?

+1 vote

Is it possible to get the name of previous task from current task in in particular workflow in informatica? Is there any environment variable which holds the value of task ran ?

posted Sep 12, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

1.Declare a workflow variable (e.g. $$LAST_SESSION).

2.Use the Post-session variable assignment component (on success or on failure or both) to store a name of executed session.

enter image description here

3.Use the $$LAST_SESSION value in the reusable alert task.

answer Sep 16, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I have a mapping like

The source will be of the same structure and the tartget also.
There are a bunch of files(with the same structure) which will go through this mapping .
So i want to use a parameter file through which i will give the file names for every run manually.

How to use the param file in session for Source filename attribute
Please suggest..

+2 votes

I am getting below error while I am trying to import workflow from DEV environment to QA. I was able to import once successful but someone deleted that and now I am trying it again, then it is giving error:

  04/04/2012 16:56:46 ** Importing Mapping: m_BTTC_Load_T3_T1 ...
     : Could not find Transformation definition for: TEMP_BTTC_TABLE_1
     ** Failed to Import: m_BTTC_Load_T3_T1

I tried importing it from Repository Manager. 1st time it was successful exported from Dev and then I imported in QA. But someone deleted whole folder from QA, now I am tring to do it again, but getting above error.

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How do mapping parameter and mapping variables differ?

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I am using a mapping variable of date/time data-type and aggregation MAX In Source Qualifier SQL Override i am giving select col1,col2 from tbl where col1>$$dt

(col1 is also date data type)

When i am validating the query it is giving Invalid Query and error was

 [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle][Oracle]ORA-00933 : SQL command not properly ended

I have also done extraction of characters like select col1,col2 from tbl where to_char(col1,'DD-MM-YY')>to_char($$dt,'DD-MM-YY') but still the same same

I am not getting what the error is and the same thing if i am trying for number column the it is validating fine and performing incremental extract also.

Any suggestions regarding the same will be helpful

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