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How does a diameter node maintain peer table ?

+3 votes

Is there any standard way to create and maintain the peer table ?

posted Sep 11, 2014 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+2 votes

A diameter node maintains two tables to know its near about.
1. Peer Table
2. Realm routing table.

Peer table is basically maintained to know "to which node a considered node has peer connection".

A peer table has following entries:

  1. Host Identity -> Diameter URI of the node.

  2. StatusT-> State of peer such as open, busy, idle etc.

  3. Static or Dynamic -> Specifies whether entry is configured statically or dynamically.

  4. Expiration Time -> This entry specifies the time at which dynamically discovered peer table entries are to either refreshed or deleted.

  5. TLS Enabled -> This entry specifies whether TLS is to be used when communicating with peer.

answer Dec 16, 2014 by Ganesh Kumar
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I know Diameter client can re-transmit the request message until it receives the answer message.
But what about when a Diameter node has sent answer message to the last received request from its peer and that's is not received but its peer. In this case, from Diameter client node transaction is not completed since it did not receive answer message but from other node point of view it has responded with answer and transaction is completed.

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In one Diameter blog, I saw a statement in which mentioned, if a Diameter node receive CER from unknown peer it responds back to that peer with Result-Code AVP set to "DIAMETER_UNKNOWN_PEER".
Now my query, Does a Diameter node keep its potential peers information in advance ?

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