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What is BCP? When is it Used?

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What is BCP? When is it Used?
posted Sep 10, 2014 by Merry

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1 Answer

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BCP i.e. Bulk Copy Program is a command-line tool used to import or export data against a Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase database in a user-specified format.


bcp {[[database_name.][owner].]{table_name | view_name} | "query"}
    {in | out | queryout | format} data_file
    [-m max_errors] [-f format_file] [-e err_file]
    [-F first_row] [-L last_row] [-b batch_size]
    [-n] [-c] [-w] [-N] [-V (60 | 65 | 70)] [-6] 
    [-q] [-C code_page] [-t field_term] [-r row_term]
    [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-a packet_size]
    [-S server_name[\instance_name]] [-U login_id] [-P password]
    [-T] [-v] [-R] [-k] [-E] [-h "hint [,...n]"]

For more detail please look at

answer Sep 10, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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