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Clearcase: How we can rename Clearcase dynamic view?

0 votes
Clearcase: How we can rename Clearcase dynamic view?
posted Sep 8, 2014 by Kali Mishra

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1 Answer

0 votes

For renaming a Clearcase View requires the renaming of both the storage and the tag. Here are the basic steps for the same but you are recomended to refer the Product Documentation if it doesn’t work**:

  1. Stop the view
    $ cleartool endview view-tag

  2. Remove the view tag to untag the view
    $ cleartool rmtag -view view-tag

  3. Remove the Clearcase registry entry to unregister the view object
    $ cleartool unregister -view view-storage-path-name.vps

  4. Rename the view storage directory
    $ mv old-view-storage.vps new-view-storage.vps

  5. Register the new name fo the view storage
    $ cleartool register -view new-view-storage-path-name.vps

  6. Create a new tag for the view
    $ cleartool mktag -view -tag new-view-tag new-view-storage-path-name.vps

As it is on Solaris machine, no need to start the view explicitly. You can directly start working by setting the new view.

answer Sep 8, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey