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CakePHP: Missing View

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Missing Controller
Error: Cakephp controller could not be found
Error: create the class cakephpcontroller below in file:app\controller\cakephpcontroller.php

class cakephpcontroller extends AppController {

Stack Trace
App\webroot\index.php line 108
root\index.php line 41 -> require(string

These are errors, please help us?

posted Sep 6, 2014 by Mithun Kumar Muddan

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What was the URL you used when you got this error message?
Also provide some more detail, ie environment etc, if LAMP/XAMPP is phpmyadmin working fine provide detail as much as you can. But seems to be apache configuration issue...
Also share the index.php file if possible
Also check this thread, exact problem!topic/cake-php/gRNdTzAh6nE

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