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RFC6737 and Relay nodes

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I'd like to ask you a question on Capabilities Update when 'relay' nodes are concerned. Specifically, I want to ask whether 'relay' nodes need to advertise the Capabilities Update App Id (10) alongside 0xffffffff
towards adjacent diameter nodes or not.

Consider a case where proxy agent A is connected to relay agent B, and A wants to update its supported applications.

If B has not advertised 10 in the initial CER / CEA exchange (alongside 0xffffffff), how can A know if B implements RFC6737? Should A try a Capabilities Update nevertheless and, in case that RFC 6737 is not implemented, just get a DIAMETER_APPLICATION_UNSUPPORTED error back?

The above issue could be fixed if the Capabilities Update App Id is sent alongside 0xffffffff in the initial capabilities exchange handshake, but it feels a little bit strange, since 0xffffffff implies 'all applications'.

posted May 15, 2013 by anonymous

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In that case, how does a Diameter node make out whether its peer Diameter Agent node works as a Diameter Relay or works as a Diameter Re-direct node ?
Is it pre-configured in the Diameter node or by exchanging some Diameter messages that role is decided ?

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I know the basic differences between following Diameter nodes
- Diameter Relay Agent
- Diameter Proxy Agent
- Diameter Redirect Agent

But actually I am looking for the use cases where these above nodes are deployed to strengthen my knowledge.
Thanks in advance.