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gitweb on Godaddy

0 votes

Can someone share procedure to setup gitweb on a Godaddy hosting server ? Any pointers to tutorials would be helpful

posted Jul 4, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

I suggest that you contact godaddy and check with them what options you have. Gitweb is a cgi program and you need support to run cgi-applicatios from godaddy. You would also have to host your git repository on the same server (or at least you should).

If that's not a possibility you might need to use a static html creator like .

answer Jul 4, 2013 by anonymous
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I am new to git. I have followed the instructions given at and successfully installed gitweb. I am using git 2.2.2 and it is installed on Linux.

After the successful installation and configuration of gitweb, I could able to see my git repositories when I hit my url like... http://ipaddress ( and I could see all the git projects/repositories listed here)

Now, I would like to my team members to clone these repositories to their local machines (all windows) using either git bash or tortoise git. However, we are unable to find or get the git clone url for these projects which are on gitweb.

How can I achieve this. Please help.

For your information, there are 5 git repositories on my Linux box (in which same git and gitweb are installed) and they are present under /root/git_projects/

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I am new to RoR and Thinking about getting a GoDaddy VPS to host my site. I have heard that GoDaddy has just not been RoR friendly in the past but may have gotten better.

Does anyone have any current experience using RoR on GoDaddy?

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I work on some files and push/merge them to the remote server. Sometimes I get merge conflicts on those files and have to fix them. That's completely fine. I get that.

What I don't understand is that sometimes during this process I will get merge conflicts in files _I have never touched_. In fact they are in a completely different series of directories to the one I am working on and someone else project entirely. How am I meant to know how to fix these? I dont know what the other developer wanted to do and if they have done it right.

I thought git only merged/pushed the files you have changed? If someone else has changed Group A files on the remote repo, why must I change my local Group A files when I am _pushing _completely different set of Group B files?

Sure, Id understand if I were pulling files down to my local and had to resolve merge conflicts then, but this isn't happening when I push the files up.

Any help or advice is much appreciated. Sorry if I sound frustrated - I am really trying hard to get my head round this whole git thing but its just so weird.

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