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Difference between release 8 and 9 in EPC?

0 votes

Is there any difference between release 8 and release 9 in EPC? If yes then please explain?

posted Sep 1, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

What you need is the release description document which can be found at

at broad level the following is the list of feature appeared in release 9

UID     Details 
350014  Registration in Densely-populated area 
380067  Customized Ringing Signal 
380057  Public Warning System 
390073  Enhancements to Multimedia Priority Service 
400031  Support of Personal Area Networks and Enhancements to Personal Network Management
400032  Multi-Media Telephony Service enhancements 
400034  User Data Convergence 
410027  Protection against Unsolicited Communication for IMS 
410032  IMS Services Centralization and Continuity 
420016  Enhancements of IMS Customized Alerting Tone (CAT) Service 
420020  Service Specific Access Control in EPS 
380064  Support for IMS Emergency Calls over GPRS and EPS 
400038  LCS Control Plane Solution for EPS 
380071  Harmonization of Gq'/Rx for Common IMS  IMS_Comm_GqRx_Harm 
400039  MBMS support in EPS 
420024  Access Network Discovery and Selection Enhancements 
420025  GTP-based S8 chaining   
33025   Access Security Enhancements    
420027  Timed Graphics 
420029  OAM&P 9 
380086  Definition of 3GPP UICC services over the new high-speed interface 
400035  Enhanced Home NodeB / eNodeB    
420007  LTE enhancements 
410023  Rel-9 Improvements of the Radio Interface 
420011  Self-Organizing Networks 
420002  Voice services over Adaptive Multi-user channels on One Slot
answer Sep 2, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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