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LTE Automation testing in Perl on RRC / s1ap protocols

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I want to know if anyone in this group have any contacts regarding LTE automation protocol test on protocols RRC / s1ap etc on perl in bangalore - interested to know about this.

posted Aug 25, 2014 by Rajib Samui

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Could not understood your problem, are you looking for the automation tool then Roboframe would  be handy, if you are looking for some RRC or S1AP Test tool then i doubt if something freeware available but on paid that are many options available so please explain in detail.
Thanx for the reply..... but I need someone who can guide me in the perl automation used in LTE  reason is i am a manual tester doing configuration and troubleshooting on RRC level ... and want to learn the way PERL is used in automation in LTE domain specifically in RRC or s1ap protocols...
Thats what the whole point any automation will not have any relation with RRC/S1AP you need to write the test case what ever is you tool, automation framework will provide you the mechanism which which you can automate the test cases.

Now coming to choose on framework try roboframe ( )or jsystem

I hope I understood the problem correctly.