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Running struts2 in springboot

+2 votes

Anyone have tried struts2 on springboot? can we run it on spring boot? or anyone tested it?

posted Aug 23, 2014 by Navneet

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+1 vote

Will it restrict the information being stored at the browser cache.

+1 vote

We are in the beginning of the migration to struts2 and it seems like there will be some period when both frameworks will be active at the same time..the only problem now is accessing the session beans managed by struts2 in struts1 and vice-versa form beans from strut1 mapped in struts2 . Half of the jsp would use struts1 tags and other half struts2 tags. So there should be beans instantiated in both frameworks.

Probably struts2 bean can be injected to struts1 action with struts1 form still accessible as execute() argument, but what about other way? accessing struts1 form bean (not just data, but managed bean) in struts2 execute() ?

+1 vote

I'm using Netbeans and Tomcat. Trying to run, browser displays:

Unable to instantiate Action, ${package}.IndexAction, defined for 'index' in namespace '/'${package}.IndexAction

Root cause:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ${package}.IndexAction
in struts.xml:
+1 vote

I am using s:select to create a dropdown and then checked the html. I wanted to add bgcolor as yellow. I referred to the following link

but still not sure how to put the background clour as yellow. Can anyone provide any pointers? Also, is it OK to use JSTL tags in JSPs in a Struts 2 application ?

+3 votes

I would like to integrate struts2 in an CRUD application , JDBC, Apache Tomcat, Netbeans (or eclipse) but without Hibernate , nor EJB, nor GlassFish.
Hibernate is more complex than the problem it tries to solve. Could you have any integration example please ?