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Looking for online ide for Rails?

0 votes

I looked at several ide but no one worked for me. Now I wonder if there is a good online cloud ide which I can use for rails development ?

posted Aug 19, 2014 by anonymous

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Saying "doesn't work" about tools is as meaningless as saying it about code or apps if you're looking for useful responses.
I tried
- nitrious ide but that one messed up my layout with curly braces instead of the normal braces.
- rubymine, A lot of error messages of missing gems and a confusing menu
- sublime text . I could not make it work so I can see the files , my code and a terminal.

2 Answers

+1 vote

It sounds to me like you actually didn't spend enough time with each of the IDEs you investigated, if you rejected them immediately upon finding your first hiccup that says to me you didn't really go very deep with them at all.

Also unless an editor has a Go-To-Declaration (Command-B) I don't consider it a first class IDE. This is the most significant thing I look for an IDE -- not only did it change my entire worldview as a software developer, it even changed the way I write Ruby code.

answer Aug 19, 2014 by Garima Jain
0 votes

Vim or Emacs !!!!!!!!!

answer Aug 19, 2014 by Arjuna
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Looking for tutorial for rail programming any pointer.