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In xcode 6 how to make display my custom view's properties in attribute inspector

0 votes

I have created my own custom view using view class. Now i want to make visible my custom properties on my view's attribute inspector.

posted Aug 19, 2014 by Arun

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1 Answer

0 votes

IBInspectable exposes class properties in the interface builder Attribute Inspector, and IBDesignable updates the view in realtime..

class OverCustomizableView : UIView {
    @IBInspectable var integer: Int = 0
    @IBInspectable var float: CGFloat = 0
    @IBInspectable var double: Double = 0
    @IBInspectable var point: CGPoint = CGPointZero
    @IBInspectable var size: CGSize = CGSizeZero
    @IBInspectable var customFrame: CGRect = CGRectZero
    @IBInspectable var color: UIColor = UIColor.clearColor()
    @IBInspectable var string: String = "We ❤ Swift"
    @IBInspectable var bool: Bool = false

Add logic for the layer properties
Add property observers for each property and update the layer accordingly.

class CustomView : UIView {
    @IBInspectable var borderColor: UIColor = UIColor.clearColor() {
        didSet {
            layer.borderColor = borderColor.CGColor

    @IBInspectable var borderWidth: CGFloat = 0 {
        didSet {
            layer.borderWidth = borderWidth

    @IBInspectable var cornerRadius: CGFloat = 0 {
        didSet {
            layer.cornerRadius = cornerRadius

Build the framework by pressing ⌘ Cmd + B.

answer Sep 10, 2014 by Raju
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