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how to calculate reputation in python

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I am "confused"..We set the initial value to 0, +1 for up-vote and -1 for down-vote! nice.

I have a list of bool values True, False (True for up vote, False for down-vote).. submitted by users. [True, False, False, True....], Now to calculate the total reputation
should I take True = +1, False=0 [or] True = +1, False=-1 ?? for adding all. I am missing something here.. and thats clear.. anyone please help me on it?

posted Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Best answer

It depends what you want to do.

I suggest This aint so simple, but it's the correct way to sort by "approval". In fact, it's bloody confusing.

To assume that only the "sum" approval counts, I'd not suggest {True: 1, False: 0}. The problem is that a "downvote" then becomes pointless. So probably go with False as -1.

So you'd want:
sum((1 if vote else -1) for vote in votes)

answer Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous
+1 vote

You're using False to represent a down-vote and you want down-votes to count as -1, so you would count a False value as -1.

Now why don't you just use 1 and -1 to represent the votes instead of True and False? Then you won't need to worry about this conversion step.

answer Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous
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