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What's the best app to see which apps are using either my mobile or WiFi data?

+2 votes

What's the best app to see which apps are using either my mobile or WiFi data on a minute to minute basis with an export to Excel so I can analyze? Looks like the standard Android app rolls up data usage across the month, doesn't break down hourly.

posted Aug 17, 2014 by Bob Wise

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Can someone recommend good, content publishing suite that allows delivery over mobile ? thanks Sridhar

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Similar to HAL for enabling s/w apps development on variety of h/w platforms, can a generic OS abstraction Layer ( OAL) be developed such that the apps written on top be immediately supported on all underlying platform?

IOAL can expore two interfaces. The southbound will expose open APIs towards the underlying OS ( Android/IOS/WIndows/Blackberry) which can then invoke the native APIs on OS. More than APIs the other mechanism of dealing with underlying OS will be embedded in this interface.

The northbound interface will be the standard APIs towards the APPs. This will be uniform across platforms. The OAL will also manage abstracted resources inside as it may be required to manage the underlying OS.

There will be no h/w intelligence/awareness inside this layer. This may puncture the individual power of popular platforms which draw strength from number of apps on it.

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keep in mind that I am a Beginner :)