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ClearCase: How to Delete Labels and Label Types?

+1 vote
ClearCase: How to Delete Labels and Label Types?
posted Aug 14, 2014 by Kali Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote

There may be two scenarios to remove the label:

  1. ct rmtype lbtype:LABEL_NAME : It will work only if LABEL_NAME is not applied.

  2. ct rmtype -lbtype -rmall LABEL_NAME:
    If LABEL_NAME is already then the command used in step 1 will not be applicable.

answer Aug 15, 2014 by Ganesh
For first command need to remove label form some files.

ct rmlabel LABEL_NAME <file_name>
Similar Questions
+4 votes

I have a simple requirement of running a find command to list "ALL" checked-in versions between two labels.

Im running a below command

 cleartool find a.cpp -ver "brtype(test) && lbtype(LABEL1) && ! lbtype(LABEL2)" -print

which is listing the output as


but LABEL1 is on maintest1 and LABEL2 is on maintest5 and Iam expecting that it would list all checked-in versions rather than just the latest version

any suggestions?

+3 votes

Say I've a user that copied a checked in version folder tree using ClearCase Explorer to create a view-private folder tree. Now he wants to delete it and is not allowed to delete it.

All the files and folders in the copy are owned by Nobody (S-1-1-0) and have the read-only bit set. The files could be deleted by manually going into the properties of each file and removing the read-only bit. Then the files could be deleted.

The folders are another matter. They, so far, cannot be deleted. Both as the user and as the VOB owner we've gone into the folder properties and removed the check in the read-only box and closed the properties. Reopening the properties has the read-9only check restored.

I've gone to the command prompt and used the attrib command as "attrib -r /d folder" or "attrib -r /d /s folder" or "attrib -r -a -s -h -I /d /s folder". In all cases I get "Access Denied - folder.

I've told the user that removing the view will get rid of the folders. He insists that is not possible due to other content in the view. I've suggested that they get the "other" work done and then delete the view.

So while I convince the user to just remove the view, does anyone know how to successfully delete the folder?

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