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Full text search and & sign as a part of the keyword

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I have this full text search query

 SELECT name, org_id, address_id
 FROM organization

and I'm not getting any results. And there is a org AB&C, Inc. My assumption is the ampersand sign as a part of the keyword. Any idea?

posted Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous

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Actually, looks like I'm wrong. For testing purpose I made an org "Comp&Me"
When search for "Comp" it's gonna be shown on the list.

When search for "Comp&" it's also gonna be shown. But "Construction Company" as well.
Then I changed the name of the test org to "Com&Me". Searching for "Com", the test org is gonna be listed.
Another correction: Searching for "Com", the test org is NOT gonna be listed but all others will.
Searching for "Com&" no results at all.

1 Answer

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answer Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous
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