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skype dies after starting up on ubuntu machine?

0 votes

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and facing problem with ubuntu? On my machine Skype starts, asks to log in and then presents its list of connections. However after a couple of moments the list of connections gets
"inactive" (greys out) and finally disappears.

In the crash window that then pops up I see that something with seems to be amiss.

Any idea what I can do to fix the problem and where do I find the info that is in the "crash report window" so I
could add it to this email if needed?

posted Aug 12, 2014 by anonymous

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In case you are using 4.2 then it is no longer supported.

1 Answer

+1 vote
  1. Open a file manager.
  2. View Hidden files
  3. Look in the following folders

There is a dot or period at the beginning of all these folders.

answer Aug 12, 2014 by Vijay Shukla
thanks for your answers,  I could finally solve the Problem by deleting the hidden .Skype directory.
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From last one week my skype has stopped working. I can startup but I can't log on. Does this have something to do with the recent update to LibC?

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I followed the tutorial available on to install skype on F20. However, when I launch skype it crashes all the time...

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Any suggestions...

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