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Git Authentication and Authorization not working

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I am configuring Git on windows using http access. I am able to configure httpd.conf to the extent, where anyone in the network can push/pull changes from the server repository. However, the authentication block within httpd.conf seem to be not getting invoked. The authuserfile is existing having designated user
created through httpwd.exe. The virtual host entry is enclosed below:

 DocumentRoot "D:/Repository"
 ServerName xx.xx.xx.xx   SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT "D:/Repository"
 ScriptAlias /git/ "C:/Program Files/Git/libexec/git-core/git-http-backend.exe" 
 AuthType Basic
 Require valid-user
 AuthUserFile "D:/config/user"

 Dav On

 Options +ExecCGI
 Options All
 AllowOverride All
 Require all granted

 Errorlog "D:/Log/apache-git.log"

Can anyone please help me setting up authentication and authorization settings, like we do it in Subversion?

posted Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous

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Help me to resolve problem. I have master branch for remote repo. Also I can see files of this repo because I added file in hooks directory and added working directory, where I can see files. I want to create new branch and new working tree for this to check files.

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Running on Windows with latest version of Git. 1.9.4. Also had this trouble with 1.8.2 but upgraded hoping it would fix the problem.

When I do a reset on several files, it says they were successfully reverted they still show up as modified when I do a git status. In this case it's just a newline character at the end of the file. I also tried a reset -- hard and they files still show up! What the heck! Help please.

In trying to reproduce this, I re-cloned the git repo from the server, which was in the exact clean state before I started last time. No files have been modified after cloning, all are identical. Then, I created a new branch (totally new, not tracking a remote branch). Viola - I now have these files show up in my git status as modified. Please note that these are files that have been tracked for several previous commits.

Just to clarify - the only command I ran to make this happen is: git checkout -b newbranch

And GitGui shows the files as identical even when compare whitespace is turned on.

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There's a challenge that i'm currently facing after migration from WINCVS to GIT. The problem here is I need to pull/fetch a specific branch (and NOT clone the entire repository) from the repository to a particular location on the AIX server.

Earlier while using WINCVS this functionality was achievable using JCVSExport package as we could just checkout a particular branch and fetch the package on to the server location.
WINCVS Command : java JCVSExport -h -u abcde -p xxxxxx -d /abcd/cvs/testing -c "$REPOSITORY" -m "$PACKAGE"

I am not able to achieve the same functionality using GIT. I DO NOT want to clone the entire repository on the AIX server instead I just want to fetch/pull a specific branch contents on the server. Can someone please help me out with the solution or any possible way with which I can achieve the same functionality.

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I work on some files and push/merge them to the remote server. Sometimes I get merge conflicts on those files and have to fix them. That's completely fine. I get that.

What I don't understand is that sometimes during this process I will get merge conflicts in files _I have never touched_. In fact they are in a completely different series of directories to the one I am working on and someone else project entirely. How am I meant to know how to fix these? I dont know what the other developer wanted to do and if they have done it right.

I thought git only merged/pushed the files you have changed? If someone else has changed Group A files on the remote repo, why must I change my local Group A files when I am _pushing _completely different set of Group B files?

Sure, Id understand if I were pulling files down to my local and had to resolve merge conflicts then, but this isn't happening when I push the files up.

Any help or advice is much appreciated. Sorry if I sound frustrated - I am really trying hard to get my head round this whole git thing but its just so weird.