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Getting the session log error message in mail in informatica?

0 votes

I am working in Informatica project, and we use to trigger the workflow from Autosys and if workflow fails we get the mail. After that we used to check the session log and find out the error message. Generally the error message is a Network error like failed to connect to Database. My Question is there any way to extract only the error message from the session log like "Failed to Connect to database" and send this in mail.

posted Aug 11, 2014 by Sunil

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1 Answer

0 votes

---> Session ---> Email task

The email task will run if the session task fails. In subject or body of email task use $PMS1.firsterrorcode. It will then give the error code and simple reason why the session failed. Similar to the error you see in the workflow monitor.

answer Aug 12, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I have a mappig to update certain columns in a table. Only 10% or less records should get updated. The remaining records should be rejected by the informatica.

The mapping works just fine if not for all the records getting logged into the session log file. Is there a way to prevent this other than using the filter transformation? I am aware this can be eliminated with a filter transforamtion. But just wanted to check if there is any simpler approach like selecting an option or something.

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The command to convert from .xlsx to csv works in putty, but the same when given in informatica fails....I am getting exit error code 32512.

The workflowlog >>

Severity    Timestamp   Node    Thread  Message Code    Message
INFO    9/8/2016 5:28:20 PM Node_BIDEV  140284941813504 LM_36621    Command task instance [Convert_csv]: started command [convert], with pid [14121] on node [Node_BIDEV].
ERROR   9/8/2016 5:28:21 PM Node_BIDEV  140285390595840 LM_36623    Command task instance [Convert_csv]: execution of command [convert] did not complete successfully with exit code [32512]
WARNING 9/8/2016 5:28:21 PM Node_BIDEV  140285390595840 LM_36626    Command task instance [Convert_csv]: previous command [convert] failed and "run if previous command succeeded" option is set, the remaining commands will not be run.
ERROR   9/8/2016 5:28:21 PM Node_BIDEV  140285390595840 LM_36320    Command task instance [Convert_csv]: Execution failed.
WARNING 9/8/2016 5:28:21 PM Node_BIDEV  140285390595840 LM_36373    Workflow [wf_CUSTOMER_SURVEY_CORE_DailyFiles] is suspended.
INFO    9/8/2016 5:28:22 PM Node_BIDEV  140285390595840 LM_36375    Workflow [wf_CUSTOMER_SURVEY_CORE_DailyFiles]: Sent suspension email to email user 
WARNING 9/8/2016 5:28:27 PM Node_BIDEV  140284973283072 LM_36371    Workflow [wf_CUSTOMER_SURVEY_CORE_DailyFiles] is aborting.
WARNING 9/8/2016 5:28:27 PM Node_BIDEV  140284973283072 LM_36322    Workflow [wf_CUSTOMER_SURVEY_CORE_DailyFiles]: Execution aborted.

The command script I am using is

libreoffice --headless --convert-to csv:"Text - txt - csv (StarCalc)":"126,0,76,1,2" /var/opt/load/Sourcedata/CUSTOMER_SURVEY/2016Q2_ML_V1.xlsx

Please help me...

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I have an informatica mapping-a simple one which has Sq->t(x)->tgt

Here I am populating the target (which is a flat file) only if a certain condition is satisfied, which is included in the transformations.

Now my requirement is that if the target (a txt file) is populated even with even one record it should send out an email to two people.

I am using the mailx Unix command but I am not sure how to check whether there are any records in the target file using Unix script. This is what I have tried:
if [ "/data/informatica/Services/myfolder/TgtFiles/filename.csv" = "1" ]//here i am trying to check if there are any records in the target

    mailx -s "Target is populated" " "<<ed
    Validation completed
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I have a table say X with the below structure

1            T
2            F
3            T
4            T
5            F

I want to send an E-MAIL to a specific mail-id saying 'PASS' if there is no 'F' in COLUMN2 and an E-MAIL saying 'ALERT' if there is even a single 'F' in column2.

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