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LTE: What is the difference between SINR, SNR and RS SNR?

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LTE: What is the difference between SINR, SNR and RS SNR?
posted Aug 7, 2014 by Pushpak Chauhan

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1 Answer

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hi, lets consider S transmitted signal power, N noise power and I interference power:

SNR = S/N : SNR is signal to Noise ratio
SINR= S/(N+I) : SINR is signal to interference plus noise ratio
RS SNR: is reference signal signal to noise ratio,RS SNR should be higher than transmission power because RSs are important for :
1- making channel estimation and equalization and generating CQI (channel quality indicator) feedback
2- RS contains transmitted signals modulation and channel coding information so receiver can do demodulation and decoding operations.

answer Aug 7, 2014 by Mohammad Alsharif
Thank you, that you very much.
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