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We developed an AirWays web Application on Laravel PHP Framework.

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We developed an AirWays web Application on Laravel PHP Framework.

Having daily active users 2000+ no's so we need to add few other features, and we dont want to stop the website on single day. We want a solution where can code independently on server and should be updated in real time. How?

Need Real time coding to be implemented onto the server?

posted Aug 6, 2014 by Mithun Kumar Muddan

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We at queryhome also have daily visitor or 2K/5K and we update the site without making down.

Though I don't know the laravel framework but if you are following any version control say SVN then you just need to checkin the code from the dev machine and at the production you just need to issue update and u will be done. Other version control are also very much similar...
Can you elaborate the version control on to the production server
Say you have a SVN server hosted on machine A.
Your development is on Machine B
Your production is Machine C

Now say your production branch is my_br you checkout code from this branch at the dev machine B and do the changes and checkin the code in the same branch.
At machine C which is running latest of my_br you issue the svn update and you are done (assuming the code is not having any issue)
Development in Local machine uploaded to production server,
SVN update not familiar to it .As Iam new to this thing.

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