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How to write a plugin in jquery?

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I need to write a plugin in Jquery.Help me any one.Thanks

posted Aug 6, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Before we write our own plugins, we must first understand a little about how jQuery works. Take a look at this code:

$( "a" ).css( "color", "red" );

This is some pretty basic jQuery code, but do you know what's happening behind the scenes? Whenever you use the $ function to select elements, it returns a jQuery object. This object contains all of the methods you've been using (.css(), .click(), etc.) and all of the elements that fit your selector. The jQuery object gets these methods from the $.fn object. This object contains all of the jQuery object methods, and if we want to write our own methods, it will need to contain those as well.

Additionally the jQuery utility method $.trim() is used above to remove any leading or trailing empty space characters from the user input. Utility methods are functions that reside directly in the $ function itself. You may occasionally want to write a utility method plugin when your extension to the jQuery API does not have to do something to a set of DOM elements you've retrieved.

link Basic Plugin Authoring

Let's say we want to create a plugin that makes text within a set of retrieved elements green. All we have to do is add a function called greenify to $.fn and it will be available just like any other jQuery object method.

$.fn.greenify = function() {
    this.css( "color", "green" );

$( "a" ).greenify(); // Makes all the links green.

Notice that to use .css(), another method, we use this, not $( this ). This is because our greenify function is a part of the same object as .css().

answer Aug 7, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey
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