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How to install GIT on aix

–1 vote

There was a request to install GIT on aix servers but there are no documentation or softwares to install GIT on aix. Can you please share any documentation and softwares available to install GIT on aix.

posted Jul 1, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Uh... Plain googling ["AIX" ] turned up [ ] as the first result.
Did following that path fail for you?

answer Jul 1, 2013 by anonymous
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+1 vote

There's a challenge that i'm currently facing after migration from WINCVS to GIT. The problem here is I need to pull/fetch a specific branch (and NOT clone the entire repository) from the repository to a particular location on the AIX server.

Earlier while using WINCVS this functionality was achievable using JCVSExport package as we could just checkout a particular branch and fetch the package on to the server location.
WINCVS Command : java JCVSExport -h -u abcde -p xxxxxx -d /abcd/cvs/testing -c "$REPOSITORY" -m "$PACKAGE"

I am not able to achieve the same functionality using GIT. I DO NOT want to clone the entire repository on the AIX server instead I just want to fetch/pull a specific branch contents on the server. Can someone please help me out with the solution or any possible way with which I can achieve the same functionality.

+2 votes

I'm new to using git and I'm guessing the most of the developers and companies, we don't like to have our source code in a server that is not in our control.

So, I wonder if there is any way of installing git in my Linux server and don't have any sort of interaction with

My ideal is to have a normal server repository source control in my Linux box and a git client installed in my windows machine.

How can I achieve that? Could you guys please point some manual, link, step by step process on how to achieve the server configuration and/or the client app to work with my server?

+2 votes

I'm try to Git Server on my windows machine, From Google I get only how to install GIT GUI only.

For testing I need to make my window machine as GIT server, can any please provide me the GIT Server S/W location and installation guide PDF or URL.

+1 vote

I was wondering if there are any install flags for git to be installed silently and to be able to pre-choose the install options to make it completely silent? Using the standard /S flag for the .exe just seems to launch it as normal.