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How traffic model can be used to calculate single user throughput?

+5 votes
How traffic model can be used to calculate single user throughput?
posted Aug 6, 2014 by Mohammad Alsharif

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Can you provide some more detail, could not make out anything from the question?

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actually I'm confused in the relation between BHSA and Traffic Penetration Ratio in the following equation in the image. I see from some materials that BHSA can be <1 so how BHSA is estimated, and why multiplying it by Traffic penetration rate?
net enter image description here

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How to calculate the average rate for a single user (LTE technology) for a all DT. Is there a formula for this? Is it possible to get the value and how it is called

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We have to setup a server which gets a copy of all messages send and received by our mailserver as a 1:1 copy. Mails send to multiple recipients should be calculated and saved per user. (great if you usually have lost of mails send to groups of people.)

So no duplication should be used here. (e.g. save the message and refer the different recipients to it.)

How can I calculate the current traffic in the best way to extrapolate the amount of space to be planed for the new server?

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