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What is the role of GPS in Handover ?

+1 vote

Do eNodeBs currently available support GPS based Handover ?
There is a paper regarding this but is this used commercially ?

posted Aug 1, 2014 by Sudeeprg

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A news to me, let me go through the doc...But less likely any commercial deployment.

Similar Questions
+4 votes

what will happen if i didnt include it in handover request message?

+4 votes

I just found an IE AS Context which contains ReestablishmentInfo in Handover Preparation message ?

Can any one signify the importance of this IE ?

HandoverPreparationInformation-r8-IEs ::= SEQUENCE {
ue-RadioAccessCapabilityInfo UE-CapabilityRAT-ContainerList,
as-Config AS-Config OPTIONAL, -- Cond HO
rrm-Config RRM-Config OPTIONAL,
as-Context AS-Context OPTIONAL, -- Cond HO
nonCriticalExtension HandoverPreparationInformation-v920-IEs OPTIONAL

AS-Context ::= SEQUENCE {
reestablishmentInfo ReestablishmentInfo OPTIONAL -- Cond HO

ReestablishmentInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
sourcePhysCellId PhysCellId,
targetCellShortMAC-I ShortMAC-I,
additionalReestabInfoList AdditionalReestabInfoList OPTIONAL,

AdditionalReestabInfoList ::= SEQUENCE ( SIZE (1..maxReestabInfo) ) OF AdditionalReestabInfo

AdditionalReestabInfo ::= SEQUENCE{
cellIdentity CellIdentity,
key-eNodeB-Star Key-eNodeB-Star,
shortMAC-I ShortMAC-I

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