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What is an easy way to implement a time-out on a function so it is forced to terminate after a certain time has passed?

+2 votes

I know of "select()" which works using file descriptors.

However I want similar functionality to "select()" but for a simple function that returns an int.

So suppose, there's "int calculate_magic()" function and I want to allow it to work for 2 seconds, if it takes longer than that I want to move on.

If "calculate_magic()" wrote its answer to a file descriptor I could use "select()" but how to do it for the case I mentioned?

I need something like this for a simple game implementation where the player is allowed a maximum time to make a decision about their next move.
was hoping I can get something without having to deal with threads, etc.

posted Jul 29, 2014 by Pardeep Kohli

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What is the simples way to check if the sum of two unsigned integers has resulted in an overflow.

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For example: It returns ‘b’ when the input is “abaccdeff”.

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int &fun()
   static int x;
   return x;

int main()
   fun() = 10;
   printf(" %d ", fun());

   return 0;

It is fine with c++ compiler while giving error with c compiler.

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