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Online learning resources for PHP

0 votes

I really want to be able to improve my php abilities which are very much in the beginner stage at this point. I'd like to know what you feel are the best free online learning resources you can recommend for learning PHP.

So far I've checked out coedadcademny and, and what I want to know is if anyone thinks one is better than the other? Or if there is some completely different option I should consider using.

posted Jul 28, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes / has some good tutorials for beginners, intermediate &
advanced users. But they are not free.

answer Jul 28, 2014 by Naveena Garg
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I'm really new to web development and only just learning php which is all very exciting, but I've hit a roadblock. I've created my first php website using XAMPP as a development environment, and it looks great, but now I'm
totally lost as to how to move it onto a remote server and actually put it on the web! I never thought this would be the hardest step for me! Can someone help me with the following questions...

  1. Which hosting company is the best bang for your buck/easiest to configure for php applications?

  2. Are there any good resources for learning how to get a website onto that server?

  3. What should I be using...SSH or SFTP and why?

  4. Anything else you think I should know about to make this step easier in the future?

Thanks for all the help!

+1 vote

Want to know how to provide online payment option in a PHP website for an online store so that people can buy the product online.

0 votes

I was writing a Python script for getting the user stats of a website(Specifically codereview.stackexchange). I wanted to store the stats in a database. I found Python3's sqlite3 library. I found that I needed sql commands for using it.

I have tried sql.learncodethehardway but it isn't complete yet. I tired looking on stackoverflow's sql tag also but nothing much there. Can someone suggest me better resources for learning sql/sqlite3?

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