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Capture Diameter Message

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Using Wireshark

Step 1: Capture DIAMETER traffic over the default TCP port i.e. 3868 or default SCTP port i.e. 3868)
tcp port 3868
sctp port 3868

Step 2: Now set the filter as diameter

Using tcpdump

Step 1: $ tcpdump -w diameterpackets.pcap -i eth0 dst and port 3868
or tcpdump -s 0 -i any host -w diameterpackets.pcap

Check the following link for more customization:

Step 2: Open the diameterpackets.pcap using wireshark and analyse

Using tShark

Exhaustive Information

tshark -R diameter -V [-w diameterpackets.pcap]

Capture PCAP file with Log-Rotate

tshark -b filesize:10240 -a files:1000 -w diameterpackets.pcap

Now open these pcap in wireshark.

Sample Wireshark Capture Video (Not a Diameter Example)

posted Jul 28, 2014 by anonymous

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