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Can we create port group with non English name(non ASCII)

+1 vote
Can we create port group with non English name(non ASCII)
posted Jun 29, 2013 by Manoj Deva

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Though it does not seems to be possible, but suppose its there then what purpose it will solve.

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I recently upgraded my Bugzilla from 4.4.x to 5.0.1. I am now noticing that non-ASCII attachments -- even ones created years ago -- do not download correctly in any browser. For example, Microsoft Word attachments (MIME type "application/msword") are corrupted and don't display properly if at all. The same thing happens with binary file attachments (MIME type "application/octet-stream") and Excel files.

These are all relatively small files (under 200KB) that are stored in the MySQL attachment table. By retrieving one of the BLOBs directly, I verified that the content in the database is _not_ corrupted.

What seems to be happening is that all of these binary attachments are being converted to UTF-8 unconditionally. For example, a byte 0x82 in the original file is being converted to the 2-byte sequence 0xC2,0x82 in the downloaded version.

My server is Apache 2.2.22 running under Debian 7.9.

Any ideas how to fix this behavior?

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I was running a binary and in between network went down. Process was still running with its parent "1".
I re-logged into the system and find the running process and trigger $ kill -9 . After doing that I was trying to rerun the binary but it was not working with error message "Port is already being used" but I again checked there was no binary with such name. How I can resolve such issue ? Please help me .