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Java API for Informatica

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I am trying to use Java API to connect with informatica. I am tyring to run the samples at location C:\Program Files\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.1\MappingSDK\samples\src\com\informatica\powercenter\sdk\mapfwk\samples which uses com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.core.* libraries.

When I try to run connection to repository) I am getting exception.


CachedRepositoryConnectionManager rpMgr = new CachedRepositoryConnectionManager(
            new PmrepRepositoryConnectionManager());
    Repository rep = new Repository();
    RepoProperties repoProp = new RepoProperties();

            "C:\\Program Files\\Informatica\\PowerCenter8.6.1\\client\\bin");
    repoProp.setProperty(RepoPropsConstant.TARGET_REPO_NAME, "EDW_DEV_REPO");
    repoProp.setProperty(RepoPropsConstant.REPO_SERVER_DOMAIN_NAME, "DOM_GWM_DEV01");
    repoProp.setProperty(RepoPropsConstant.SECURITY_DOMAIN, "MSSB_INFA_DVLPR_DEV");
    repoProp.setProperty(RepoPropsConstant.ADMIN_USERNAME, "Username");
    repoProp.setProperty(RepoPropsConstant.ADMIN_PASSWORD, "Password");
    ConnectionObject connObj = new ConnectionObject("Con", ConnectionAttributes.CONN_TYPE_RELATION);

I am getting exception

com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.mapfwk.exceptions.ConnectionFailedException: Failed to list connections in PowerCenter Repository

Have anyone done this earlier? Can anyone help me to setup the Java API.

posted Jul 18, 2014 by Sunil

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1 Answer

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Well, this is really old, and hopefully you ended up getting connected using the SDK. Here's some recent code I put together to get a connection and query some stuff about workflows.

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
if(System.getenv("INFA_DOMAINS_FILE") == null)                  // make sure .infa file exists
    throw new Exception("INFA_DOMAINS_FILE path not set in environment variables.");

Repository rep = new Repository();
RepoConnectionInfo rci = new RepoConnectionInfo();
rci.setRepoServerHost("your host DNS name");                    // set host URI     
rci.setRepoServerPort("your host port number");                                 // host port
rci.setRepoServerDomainName("your-domain-name");                    // repository domain name
rci.setTargetRepoName("your-repository");                           // repository
rci.setSecurityDomain("e-directory");                           // security type
rci.setAdminUsername("your-credentials");                               // uid
rci.setAdminPassword(getPassword());                            // pwd (stored in environment variable -- encoded so it's not cleartext)
rci.setPmrepCacheFolder("c:\\users\\your-credentials\\Informatica\\");  // some cache folder that must be set  
rep.setRepoConnectionInfo(rci);                                                 // provide connection info to rep object
RepositoryConnectionManager repmgr = new PmrepRepositoryConnectionManager();    // set up repository connection manager
rep.setRepositoryConnectionManager(repmgr);                                     // tell repository to use connection manager

List<Folder> folders = rep.getFolders();
for(Folder f: folders) {  System.out.println(f);}


answer Jul 23, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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