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Clone a master installation on ubuntu?

0 votes

I'd like to install a master on a virtual machine and rsync this installation to ten clients (desktop installation for a library). Also, all changes after the initial installation to this master image should be replicated to them.

There are some modifications for the master installation necessary. It must not use UUIDs for example.

Is there a ready-to-use script for this scenario?

Thank you in advance.

posted Jul 15, 2014 by Ankit

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I am wondering how - or more exactly where - umask is defined on a stock Ubuntu server system.

I have reactivated the root account. Here's the respective default umask for root and normal users:

Nomal User:

$ umask

Root User

$ umask

On RHEL/CentOS, these values are defined in /etc/bashrc and then in the individual ~/.bashrc files. How does Ubuntu handle this?

+1 vote

I am new to MongoDB and try to install MongoDB 3.2.9 on Ubuntu 14.01 LTS. I found there are different ways to install it as below:
1. The MongoDB official guidance use the apt-get install.
2. Download the package and create folders like bin, data, log, conf etc. and then manually and copy the corresponding modules to the bin when needed.

I am wondering which method should I use. Seems the second one is more flexible as its hard to make sense what the first one has done to the OS.

Could you advise any other impact and differences about the two methods for installation? Thanks in advance!

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I have installed the Heroku on my workspace, however when I type any command, for example- heroku login or heroku version , it just shows the command- "heroku-cli: Installing core plugins..." and keep doing the same until I stop the installation manually.

Can somebody help me with what the actual issue is and how I can deploy the app on heroku!

+1 vote

I would like to manually add a new user to my Ubuntu 12.04 box with admin privileges.

This is what I did so far:

adduser  admin, sudo

Edited the sudoers file with visudoers:

# User alias specification
User_Alias ADMINS = 
# User privilege specification


I then logged in with the new user, but every time I try to run a command (like visudoers) it says the command is not found. when I "echo $PATH" the /bin/sbin directory is not in the path.

Is there a similar command to adduser but for admin users (so it copies the root user skeleton at the end (copy /etc/skel)? How do I manually create a user like the one I create as the first user when installing Ubuntu?