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LTE SmallCell @ Hyderbad, India.

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Job Type

Not Specified

Min Experience

0 Yr

Max Experience

20 Yr

LTE Protocol / System Development & Maintenance
Work location – Hyderabad (2-6 Yrs)

Responsible For
• LTE Small Cell Protocol Stack Feature Enhancement, Bug-fixing and Maintenance Engineer
• Working closely with Architecture & Testing teams across Locations
• Participating in Design & Code Reviews
• Analyzing & Fixing Issues reported from Field or Lab, Customer Support Skills/Experience
• WCDMA/LTE RAN Protocol Development Experience (LTE exp Preferred)
• Understanding & Exposure to Radio Access Network Systems, SmallCell Architecture
• Deep Knowledge about LTE RAN Protocols, Procedures, End to End Call Scenarios, Message Flow, Handover/IRAT procedures
• Exposure to MAC-Phy interfaces & Call Processing ( RRM/SON) Concepts
• Excellent Debugging skills
• Excellent Programming skills in C/C++
• Understanding of Software Engineering Process

posted Jul 11, 2014 by Balasundaram

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