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Updating .drl files using JAVA

+1 vote

I am working on a web application which is using JBPM 5.4 for workflow. The rules for workflow are stored in .drl files. There is a requirement where admin can add new rules to the workflow, this has to be done from UI of our web application only. The modified rules and the new rules have to be updated in the drl file.

How could i update, modify the rules in .drl files using java??

posted May 14, 2013 by anonymous

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I am trying to debug a javascript file, which is used in a .jsp file. When I debug the using F12 in IE10 I did not find that particular file in the debugger tool.

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have two tables ACC and ACC_Restrict. I want to check the values of the column, P_R of either tables to see whether I should either insert, update or do nothing to ACC_Restrict. If the value is active in ACC but not in ACC_Restrict then insert into ACC_Restrict if it is still active in both ACC and ACC_Restrict then do nothing. If it is not active anymore in ACC but is still in ACC_Restrict then update ACC_Restrict by updating end_date to today's date. How can I achieve this in informatica?

Edit: There has been a modification of the requirement. ACC will only contain modifications to the account of someone. So if nothing has changed in someone's account we don't see anything in ACC but that doesn't mean if he had a restriction before, it has been lifted. It's just because nothing has changed so it doesn't appear in ACC. How do I manage this?

Note: P_R is a restriction on an account. I put the end_date to a date close to infinity and when the restriction is removed from the account I update ACC_Restrict by changing end_date to present date.

enter image description here
enter image description here

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