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Migrating from SVN 1.3.1 without console access

0 votes

I'm trying to figure out how to migrate our existing SVN 1.3.1 repository to another server. It's on a Jumpbox with TRAC.

I followed the instructions and have setup svnsync, but since it's pre 1.4 it's setting at revision 0 and not migrating.

I then setup subgit as a way to get it and them migrate it back to the new server, but subgit says it translated 2541 revisions, but there's nothing in the git repository as far as I can tell.

I even tried using the Revision Control Turmkey Linux box with svn 1.6.17, but it gives me the same problems and I can't seem to get it upgraded to 1.8.9 to use svnrdump.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to migrate svn 1.3.1 to 1.8.9 without console access?

posted Jul 6, 2014 by Deepti Singh

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1 Answer

0 votes

Built-in tools will show the behavior you described. This one is older and might construct a usable dump for you:

answer Jul 6, 2014 by Arjuna
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I have got a task of migrating code base from Mercurial to SVN.

I had tried 'hg convert" and it starts working upto few revisions. At one point, it fails with statement: "svn error: file doesn't exists". I didn't recall the error code but there was one.

What does it mean and how can it be resolved?

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I recently upgraded my Subversion client from version 1.7.5 to 1.8.3 and from that time on I experience hangs when executing multiple 'svn log' commands in a short amount of time. The "hanging" svn process consumes all CPU cycles it gets but never finishes.

I can reproduce the problem using the following shell script (on Windows using Cygwin):

for DIR in $(svn ls "${ROOT}" | head -n 4); do
 svn log -v -l 5 "${ROOT}/${DIR}" 2>&1 | head -n 100 > /dev/null

In my environment I need at least 4 svn processes to achieve the faulty behavior. The hang only occurs if the output is truncated using the head command (but it can be redirected to a normal file instead of /dev/null which then contains the expected log messages).

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We access our Subversion repositories mainly via svn+ssh:// on a central server. We limit access to the repos using Unix group membership. For example, the repo for ProjectA has 770 permissions and belongs to GroupA and ProjectB also has 770 permission and belongs to GroupB. So users who are in GroupA can access ProjectA and users in GroupB can access ProjectB. The file permissions look like this:

 drwxrws--- 7 svn GroupA 4096 Dec 27 2009 ProjectA
 drwxrws--- 7 svn GroupB 4096 Dec 27 2009 ProjectB

Everything is working as expected so far. Users in each group can only access their respective projects, and users in both groups can access both projects. But now we want to prevent a subset of users in GroupB from accessing certain subtrees of ProjectB. Can this be done when using svn+ssh:// access? If so, how?

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I am running subversion 1.4.2 server with apache 2.2.14 on Linux machine. Now I want to upgrade to subversion 1.8.8 with apache 2.2.25 . Please guide me how to upgrade?

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