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ProxyPass and HA Singleton Applications

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I've an Apache/2.2.15 in front a JBoss Cluster (based on 2 nodes) in which web applications are deployed in HA Singleton mode.

In this case the web applications are always running on a specific node but/and in case of failure the cluster actives them on the other node.

I'd like use Apache ProxyPass, with balancer directives, to refer these web applications, but I need that no requests are sent to the "stand-by" back-end node.

Could you give me some hints about this kind of configurations

The standard balancer configuration should be

 BalancerMember ajp://node1:8009
 BalancerMember ajp://node2:8009

 ProxyPass /web-app1 balancer://SingletonCluster
 ProxyPass /web-app2 balancer://SingletonCluster

but I can't find out the options/parameters that guarantee me the behavior expected

posted Jul 3, 2014 by anonymous

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check the link and search for "standby"

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