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dar is missing from EPEL 6

+1 vote

I'm a CentOS user. I see "dar" is not included in EPEL 6, while it is there in EPEL 5. I suppose it's left out of EPEL 6 by mistake. Please anyone who has the authority to do so, fix it!

I also can't find "dar" in other repositories. If I download it from EPEL 5, I can't install it because of missing depedency ( Compiling dar from source is Hell. So I really need an up-to-date "dar" package which is compatible with CentOS 6.4.

posted May 14, 2013 by anonymous

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My setup is as follows:

Host OS: Debian Wheezy amd64 stock kernel (3.2), virt-manager v0.9.1

Guest VMs: A bunch of Linux based servers - CentOS 6, Debian 6/7, Ubuntu 12.04 (all amd64 with stock kernel). All of them defined using virt-manager GUI interface.

From the virt-manager, I am able to shutdown/reboot the Debian and Ubuntu guest OSs but not the CentOS 6 guests.

For the CentOS 6 guests, I have to resort to "Force off"

I have looked at the syslog and messages log files but do see anything to correlate between host and guest OS.

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I just did a clean net install of CentOS 6.4 and when I run virt-manager it says that qemu-kvm is missing, but when I try to install it with yum it says that there isn't a package with that name. Is something wrong with my configuration? Or what is causing this package to appear as not available?

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Please help me on this *return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing* in centos configuration in nagios

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I currently have a problem with hostname and fqdn.
I use:

# cat /etc/redhat-release ; uname -r
CentOS release 6.4 (Final)

# hostname

# grep HOSTNAME /etc/sysconfig/network

# cat /etc/hostname

# cat /etc/domainname


# hostname --fqdn

As I think it should give: Have you got similar problem? Any hint how to solve it?