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LTE : how to configure DRX to get ECGI report ?

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I have two cells having same operating frequency with different PCI's. After applying measurement config I got neighbor cell measurement report and then I am triggering for ECGI request but I am not getting ECGI report.

So I am guessing there is problem in configuration of DRX which is used to give proper idle period to UE.

Please help if any one have experience on this.

posted Jun 30, 2014 by Bheemappa G

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Just trying to understand what you are trying (not a solution), what I know the ECGI reporting procedure is
1. UE reports PCI to eNB via RRC-Reconfiguration message.
2. eNB request UE to report Eutran Cell Global ID (ECGI).
3. UE reports ECGI by reading BCCH channel.

Now your first step 1 & 2 is fine but you are not getting the step 3. Yes you can check the DRX configuration but is it possible to provide more information.
Looks to be a very personalize query, I am interested to know the solution. Please put the solution if you get the answer.

1 Answer

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UE Test Spec does provide a particular test configuration with ECGI measurement
RRCConnectionReconfiguration (step 5, Table
Try this value or try little tweaking in this
36.523 version 9.8.0 release

RadioResourceConfigDedicated-DRX ::=
mac-MainConfig CHOICE {
explicitValue SEQUENCE {
ul-SCH-Config SEQUENCE {
maxHARQ-Tx n5
periodicBSR-Timer infinity
retxBSR-Timer sf10240
ttiBundling FALSE
drx-Config CHOICE {
setup SEQUENCE {
onDurationTimer psf6
drx-InactivityTimer psf60
drx-RetransmissionTimer sf16
longDRX-CycleStartOffset CHOICE {
sf1280 4
shortDRX Not present
timeAlignmentTimerDedicated infinity
phr-Config CHOICE {
release NULL
physicalConfigDedicated Not present

answer Aug 21, 2014 by Atul Jha
@Atul jha thank you for your input .
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