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passing glob an argument in GCC

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Hi, I'm uncertain what an argument to glob should be.

int glob (const char *pattern, int flags, int (*errfunc) (const char
*filename, int error-code), glob_t *vector-ptr)

It takes a pointer to a function called errfunc. Now I've read the docs but
they give no mention of a function called errfunc, so I think I have to
write it myself. What should it look like? What should it do?

posted May 14, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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glob() is not part of GCC and assuming your question is not about GCC.

The glob(3) man page explains it clearly. errfunc is not a function that exists already, it's the name of one of the parameters in the glob prototype, you have to pass an argument (or NULL) matching the signature:
int (*errfunc) (const char *epath, int eerrno)

answer May 14, 2013 by anonymous
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