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Google is hiring as Software Engineers

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Job Type

Not Specified

Min Experience

0 Yr

Max Experience

20 Yr

Experience Required: 1 Years

Job Location: Hyderabad

Education Required:

  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • B.Tech / BE, M.Tech, MCA/ BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.


Google's software engineers develop the next-generation technologies that change how millions of users connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. Our ambitions reach far beyond just Search. Our products need to handle information at the the scale of the web. We're looking for ideas from every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and user interface design; the list goes on and is growing every day. As a software engineer, you work on a small team and can switch teams and projects as our fast-paced business grows and evolves. We need our engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward.

With your technical expertise you manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables. You design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and enhance software solutions.

Google Logo

Job Description:

  • Provide technical and architectural leadership for one or more software engineering teams.
  • Architect, design, and develop (hands-on) large-scale, complex infrastructure systems.
  • Use your technical influence to drive innovation and engineering standards/best practices across Engineering.
  • Represent Google Engineering at internal and external events.

The web is what you make of it, and the Chrome and Apps team is helping the world make more of the web. From open-source pros to user-experience extraordinaires, the team develops products like Chrome OS, Gmail and Google Docs that help users connect, communicate and collaborate with others. Our consumer products and Enterprise platforms are giving millions of users at homes, businesses, universities and nonprofits around the world the tools that shape their web experience -- and changing the way they think about computing.

How to Apply:

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posted Jun 18, 2014 by anonymous

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- 2014 batch BE/BTech (preferably CS/IT)
- Good academic record

- Engineers that are passionate about building creative and innovative solutions to create highly engaging learning for all.
- Should have great programming skills and have aptitude for learning quickly in a cool and dynamic environment.


23rd July, Wednesday

CK-12 Foundation's vision is to provide tools that can help increase student learning through engagement, and to provide more UNIVERSAL ACCESS to learning and learning content, irrespective of educational resources available for a student or region.

To achieve this noble and ambitious vision, we at CK-12 are challenging traditional model of education to transform it dramatically. Technology has opened up lots of opportunities to REVOLUTIONIZE EDUCATION for the benefit of students, teachers and parents.

We have chosen to be NON-PROFIT so that we can effectively realize our mission and so that we can do the right thing! It also provides us the ability to experiment big and bold ideas. CK-12 is backed by VINOD KHOSLA, a renowned technology venture capitalist.

At CK-12, you'll experience the benefits of working in a DYNAMIC, ENTREPRENEURIAL, INNOVATIVE AND NON BUREAUCRATIC ENVIRONMENT where you will get a lot of cool things done than you ever imagined!

Does our mission, people and technologies excite you?
Do you want to REVOLUTIONIZE the way teachers teach and students learn with free access to highly engaging experiences, anytime and anywhere? If the answer is YES! and you are a GREAT TECHNOLOGIST who will challenge status quo (no order takers please!) by INNOVATING, please come join us! TOGETHER, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!


Job Description:
Part of dynamic team developing Next Generation Telecom solutions

Event date: 24 May 2014

enter image description here

- BE/BTech/ME/MTech/MS/MCA 2014 Batch
- Preferably from CS/IT/IS/
- Good pH score and academic record
- Excellent C/C++ programming skills, familiarity with Linux will be an added advantage

Specialties: Mobile core network, Converged Solutions, IMS, Mobile Video, VoLTE, SMS, SRVCC, RCS, CPM, VoIP, Virtualization, Network Transformation, VoWi-Fi, Voice over LTE, LTE Networks, RCS 5, CSFB, VoLTE IWF, IMS Core, WebRTC