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AFAIK there are two types of HARQ: ACK and NACk? but what about No_Feedback?

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posted Jun 17, 2014 by Kapil Kapoor

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1 Answer

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There are two types of answers defined for HARQ mechanism:

ACK – meaning – I received the transport block and it’s correct;
NACK – meaning – I received the transport block and it’s not correct.
There’s of course the third option – namely, no answer/feedback. It may mean:

either: Rx has received Tx transport block, and send the feedback, but Tx didn’t get the feedback;
or: Rx has not received Tx transport block at all.

answer Jun 18, 2014 by Ujjwal Mehra
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As i know about RACH function is, suppose a UE wants to access the network, so first it will try to attach or syncronise with the network. In LTE a separate channel PRACH ( Physical Random Access Channel) is provided for initial access to the network.

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