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Defining search depth for mod_ldap, using apache

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when searching a user mod_ldap returns only parent node attributes. Is there any setting so that search will return parent node attributes as well.

LDAP URS is as follows:
LdapUrl=ldap://,dc=mtnl,dc=com?uid,userPassword,cn,sn [1]?

Here I could get back only uid,userPassword. cn and sn were blank, which are attributes of child nodes.

posted Jun 25, 2013 by anonymous

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We have a small cluster of machines serving a wiki website. Search engine robots are allowed in to index the website and these create a lot of traffic that can affect the service. I would like to redirect all http requests from these robots to one of the machines in the cluster.

Any ideas for how to do this ?

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I need help in order to configure these api's in eclipse.

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I'm using multi ipaddress setup with virtual hosts to support different certificates.

For one of the hosts we currently don't have DNS pointing to the right IP so I edited my hosts file to point at the relevant IP. This host has a GlobalSign extended cert. We want to check the setup before going live.

On windows I checked that all the popular browsers see my extended certificate and see green url bars ok.

On linux chromium shows green, but on one machine firefox shows untrusted and on another it shows green.

Is there a way to check the certificate setup from a linux box without having the correct dns in place? I normally use GlobalSign's test stuff, but that won't work without the right dns in place.

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We are currently using HTTP connector in tomcat 7.42 and planning to switch to AJP NIO connector. When I was reading through the docs I found "WARNING: The NIO connector for AJP is experimental."

This made me think that NIO connector might not be mature at this point. Can somebody who had experience with NIO connector let me know if it is stable and any pitfalls I should be aware of?

Stable enough to be used on enterprise apps which is expected to get thousands of requests in a hour?

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+1 vote

I did not find a solution for this:

I want to restrict access to certain files to requests coming from the same public ip address the server is running on, like so:

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from xx.xx.xx.xx

To make it more maintainable I would like to use the %{SERVER_ADDR} environment variable, but this does not work:

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from %{SERVER_ADDR}

I tried syntax variations, also combined with SetEnfIf but still no success. How can I allow access only if REMOTE_ADDR == SERVER_ADDR ?