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How to give me perms to use the firewire port using Ubuntu?

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I just had to run kino as root, because I didn't have permission to use the firewire port to talk to my Sony Handi-cam digital hi8 movie camera.

So, while I have a root session going, what do I have to do to make the user 1000, me, be able to use the firewire port?

posted Jun 24, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Kino reports the device it is trying to open. The quick and dirty answer is to change the group ownership on that device file (/dev/whatever) to your own group. The module/device has "1394" in the name, I think.

The nicer, tidier, more extensible, and arguably *right* way to do it would be to set up a firewire users group, put yourself in it, and give the device that group ownership. You will then need to set that group
ownership on each boot, of course. There is a mechanism for that which I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's used to do things like provide access to serial ports to the dialout users group.

answer Jun 24, 2013 by anonymous
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Pleas point me to a good source how to use that (with ubuntu and Tomcat 7)?

The internet is full of selfmade /etc/init.d/ scripts, but mostly it isn't used it as a real service (jsvc). Keyword: bin/**
Even the books "Apache Tomcat 7" and "Tomcat 7 Essentials" are not talking about it.

On the docs I've found this []:

tar xvfz commons-daemon-native.tar.gz
cd commons-daemon-1.0.x-native-src/unix
cp jsvc ../..
cd ../..

But what about:
* set env. variables (maybe:, /etc/profiles?)
* adjust the heap size
* logging to the right directory (like: /var/log/tomcat/...)
* specifying the User: "tomcat"

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I want to know when "apt-add-repository" becomes mandatory to run in Ubuntu machine. Usually I used following two commands many times.
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Anyone know of a tool to create SVG files (or similar) using some kind of macro or command line?
For instance, if I want to draw several lines start starts at the same point, have the same length but different angles (this example is written in some kind of Basic looking pseudo code):

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drawline x,y,length,2,8
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Or maybe even better; something like this:

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Next Angle

Another acceptable approach would be:

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  drawline xStart,yStart,xEnd,yEnd
Next Angle

I have had a quick look at Inkscape but I couldnt find any kind of command line or macro programming IDE there.