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How to generate empty data set in mainframe through Informatica Power Exchange?

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Currently datasets are getting generated in MF if there are 1 or more than 1 records coming from source. If there are no records from source, then empty data set is not created in MF.

As a solution, we tried to give pre-sql in session specifying all basic properties. But still our session failed with the below error:

Message Code: PWXPC_12015 Message: [ERROR] Error message: 
[[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-00265 DBAPI Error. DB_EXECSQL failed for file . 
[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-01275 DBNTC ExecSQL failed for file , rcs 260/265/0.]
posted Jun 3, 2014 by anonymous

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