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How can one query the HSS for details using msisdn?

0 votes
How can one query the HSS for details using msisdn?
posted Jun 2, 2014 by anonymous

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IMSI and MSISDN are used to denote the mobile in some sense i.e. Sim Identification or User identification. My question is why we have two numbers, is there any relation between these i.e. can we deduce IMSI from MSISDN or vice versa. Is it necessary to have both numbers or there can be cases when only one number is available or applicable.

+4 votes

M2M devices and data cards without voice services may not need an MSISDN, how are such records maintained on the HLR? Is it mandatory to have an MSISDN associated with every IMSI record on the HLR? If yes, can we just have a dummy/fake MSISDN associated in such a case so to avoid consuming/wasting a real MSISDN?

+1 vote

If my question is valid then what could be the reason for HSS initiated UE detach procedure and which message is sent by HSS to MME to get triggered detach procedure ?

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