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How to pass variable through scipts using python?

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My code has this structure:

class Example(wx.Frame,listmix.ColumnSorterMixin):
 def __init__(self,parent):


 def InitUI(self): 

when a button is clicked this function is called and i take the self.id_number which is a number

 def OnB(self, event):
 self.id_number = self.text_ctrl_number.GetValue()
 aa = latitude[int(self.id_number)]
 bb = longitude[int(self.id_number)]

I want to pass the variables aa and bb to a different script called application. This script by calling it with import, automatically pop up a window. I need by clicking the button that is linked with OnB definition to pop up the window from the other script as it does when i am running it alone and display lets say for example the variables aa and bb, how can I do it

posted May 25, 2014 by Kiran

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1 Answer

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When you import another script, you gain access to its functions and classes and such. All you need to do is write your function to take a couple of arguments, and then pass aa and bb as those arguments.

I recommend you read and work through the Python tutorial - one of these, depending on which version of Python you use:

It'll explain a lot of these sorts of things.

answer May 25, 2014 by Sheetal Chauhan