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Out of Physical inventory and Cycle counting which process is better and why?

0 votes
Out of Physical inventory and Cycle counting which process is better and why?
posted May 23, 2014 by Brijesh Talwar

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1 Answer

0 votes

Better to state the difference because which is better it depends upon the requirement you have:

Cycle Count: Periodic counting of inventory items at regular intervals
Physical Inventory: Counting is done once / twice a year

Cycle Count: We can schedule the count
Physical Inventory: We cannot schedule this.

Cycle Count: We cannot have a snap shot
Physical Inventory: We can have a snap shot

Cycle Count: We can view the qty in the system
Physical Inventory: We can not view the qty in system

Cycle Count: We cane select the items using ABC analysis.
Physical Inventory: It is done for all the items.

Cycle Count: We need not to freeze inventory transactions.
Physical Inventory: Need to freeze inventory transactions.

Cycle Count: Recount is possible
Physical Inventory: Recount is not possible.

Cycle Count: We can maintain recount history.
Physical Inventory: No recount, hence no history.

Cycle Count: Adjustments can be procesed on approval.
Physical Inventory: Can be done using adjustment concurrent

answer May 27, 2014 by Amarvansh
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