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Does Bugzilla allow data to be imported and exported?

+1 vote

Does Bugzilla allow data to be imported and exported? If I had outsiders write up a bug report using a MS Word bug template, could that template be imported into "matching" fields? If I wanted to take the results of a query and export that data to MS Excel, could I do that?

posted May 19, 2014 by Saif Khanam

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1 Answer

0 votes

Mozilla allows data export through a custom DTD in XML format. It does not, however, export to specific formats other than the XML Mozilla DTD. Importing the data into Excel or any other application is left as an exercise for the reader.
If you create import filters to other applications from Mozilla's XML, please submit your modifications for inclusion in future Bugzilla distributions.
As for data import, any application can send data to Bugzilla through the HTTP protocol, or through Mozilla's XML API. However, it seems kind of silly to put another front-end in front of Bugzilla; it makes more sense to create a simplified bug submission form in HTML.

answer May 20, 2014 by Aastha Joshi
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I just upgraded to Bugzilla 5.0 from Bugzilla 4.4.9 and everything is working accept the look has changed to a generic webpage like a word document instead of the previous default look of a webpage with buttons and Bugzilla logo.

Is there a file I needed to copy from the old Bugzilla installation to the new one?

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Is there any Bugzilla API to upload and download bug's attachment files with perl script?
I want to write a Perl script to download all the attachment in a specified bug, and save the files to local directory.
Attachment method in Bugzilla::Webservice::Bug seems not to download or upload attachment from or to bug.

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I have installed Bugzilla 4.4 on Apache. I have configured it for LDAP authentication. I have some users on LDAP and I wish to allow all of them to be able to file a bug on Bugzilla.

However, it appears that I still need to create all these users in bugzilla. Instead of creating 100 users one by one - is there a way I could insert records in some table OR any configuration by which the user is automatically created?

What is the best way to configure in this case?

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