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How can I configure and use DRUPAL code sniffer in windows?

+2 votes
How can I configure and use DRUPAL code sniffer in windows?
posted May 16, 2014 by Sandeep Otari

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I am using the sublime text 2 plugin for PHP Coding Standards Fixer. It is working fine, except for the fact that it considers the namespace invalid (it is in fact invalid and I'm okay with it). this errors halts the script from correcting the rest of the file. I get the following error:

The namespace Application\Controllers\Admin in <filepath> does not match the file path according to PSR-0 rules.

How can I tell the the script to ignore the namespace constraint. Both command line arguments and Sublime text 2 user settings can be changed.

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I'm new to Python. I downloaded the 64-bit build of Python 2.7.10 from I run Windows 7 Pro on a Dell PC.

I find that the installation package creates a folder called "Python 2.7" in my Start menu, with both a command prompt and IDLE GUI options.

I hold my scripts in another directory that is parallel to but not under the one where Python 2.7 resides, so I set the Environment Variable PYTHONPATH to include the directory where my scripts reside. Unfortunately, I am unable to reach them in either the IDLE GUI or the "Python command line" in that folder in my start menu. The only way I have managed to run Python scripts is to open an ordinary command prompt from Accessories, navigate to the directory with the scripts, and run python from the command prompt in that directory.

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