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Is there any possiblity that ENBs is not having X2 Intercace within same MME?

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Is there any possiblity that ENBs is not having X2 Intercace within same MME?
posted May 13, 2014 by Suresh Kumar

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I don't think it will make much sense that x2 interface is missing. Can you elaborate more on your question so that complete picture of the query is clear.

1 Answer

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Best answer

X2 is an optional interface. Is it up to operator to enable/disable this interface. Due to X2 interface, Handover for an UE can be done faster than the S1-based .

eNodeBs can also share information to each other using the X2 interface.
For more details, please go through 3GPP 36.423.
If you still have any doubt or query, please ask .

answer May 13, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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Consider Two ENB of two different operator can they establish X2-AP Connection if X2-AP Support is there ???

I guess it is possible as ECGI will give unique identification to them . (Though possibility of CGI is same) ...

is there any other scenario like x2AP- is not possible between them

+1 vote

In case of hub-and-spoke topology, X2 messaging can travel all the way back to an aggregation point, which may be co-located with EPC. In such scenario both X2 and S1 traverses same physical path (a.k.a X2 over S1). Please consider both Intra-MME and Inter-MME handover scenarios. Would X2 based handover in such a case yield advantage over S1 based handover. Thanks.

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