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How eNB knows DL/UL channels informations?

+1 vote
How eNB knows DL/UL channels informations?
posted May 7, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+2 votes

As per my understanding eNodeB knows the Uplink and Downlink channels already. It is configured in this way or you can say it is configurable parameter to put the frequencies of Uplink Channels and Downlink Channels. When it is configured eNodeB can identify it.

answer May 7, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
My doubt  is -generally in 3G in cell setup ,RNC knows local cell,channel informations,but in lte ,how enB can know local cells,channel informations with configured parameters or enB  is intelligent to get informations.
Pankaj: As you said in 3G RNC was aware of all the things. Agreed.
In Lte RNC is not there and to be precise eNodeB is an combination of RNC and NodeB. It is the only E-UTRAN part.
0 votes

As part of cell setup procedure, eNodeB come to know various information along with DL/UL channels information.

answer May 8, 2014 by Harshita
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